Want to edit an auto number field?

Well.. there a few instances where you may need to edit autonumber fields. For example, your business may decide to change the format of your Account codes.

Perhaps a change in accounting system saw numbers of invoices jump to a different set of numbers.

What can you do?

Switch them up.. the loophole is that you can change the “field type” of a field from Auto-number to Text or from Text to Auto-number.

For instance, you can change an Auto-number to Text temporarily so you can modify some of the numbers that had been assigned previously, and then change it back to Auto-number so it will continue assigning numbers to new records.

If you have the type set to anything other than “Auto-number,” records will be created without getting a number assigned. By default, unless you enter a value into the field, if you turn off auto numbering and forget to turn it back on salesforce will insert the record Id number.. not attractive at all.

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