Set a users’ password for them?

No.. you can’t. Or can you?

There are many times that a person will ask you for their password. Of course, there isn’t a way for a Salesforce Admin to see the current password for a User, but there is an alternative to sending them a Salesforce Password Reset Email.

You can manually set a password for a User to avoid going through the end user “error” of them stating that they didn’t receive an email.

To do this, open the Developer Console. in the Developer Console, click on the Debug drop down and select Open Execute Anonymous Window.

Here you want to enter: System.setPassword(‘02560000001j5h1’,’Password’);

Then press Execute.

You want to set the User’s ID in the first part and whatever temporary password into the second part.

This is a great way to get someone up and running quickly without the hassle of having people not receive a password reset email or the following issue where they don’t receive their two step verification emails.

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