Salesforce Search from Chrome?

Imagine the delight from your users, especially sales users, if from any browser window they can search for accounts, contacts & leads within their salesforce crm system.

They can!

Setting Up:
To start, we need to go into Chrome’s settings.

In the Settings page, find the “Search” section and click the Manage Search Engines button

Scroll to the bottom of the ‘Other Search Engines’ list until you see an empty line where you can define a new one

We are now going to set up Salesforce as a search engine.

Name it: Salesforce
Keyword: sf (though you can really use whatever you want)

URL: https://<mySalesforceInstance>/_ui/search/ui/UnifiedSearchResults?searchType=2&str=%s

For this URL replace <mySalesforceInstance> with the first part of URL that you see whenever you log in to your Salesforce organization.

For example, if you log in to, use:

It should look something like this ..

After saving the search engine, every time you enter “sf Account Name” in the Chrome search bar, you’ll immediately get the Salesforce search results page for a search on “Account Name”.

Your sales users will love you for it.

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