To drive adoption make it fun!

We all know that inserting a little fun into a work day makes it enjoyable and easier to tolerate – CRM is no different.

To help with user adoption why not customize your error messages to be human and a delightful surprise when a user hits on one.

I saw a great example on this blog post here. which related to messages on the Salesforce Opportunities object.

I borrowed it below.

Opportunity Error Message Before
Opportunity Error Message After

Now “Whoa there cowboy..” may not suit all of your business’ but the concept is great. Make it fun, add some humor and perhaps drive up adoption a little.

Want to know how to do this? If you head to Setup and then select Objects – under your Account, Contact, Opportunity Object detail you can drill in and set your Validation rules to pop these sort of messages up. More detail is available to you here.

Further, the blog post mentioned to encourage users to update their Chatter image if they had left it blank more than a couple of weeks the admin would ‘chatterbomb’ them with a meme in place of the image.


Great ideas for driving up user engagement and always great to have a laugh at work!

Thanks to Admin Hero at

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