Tabs KISS!

Got too many tabs – Keep it simple I say. I have borrowed this tip from a salesforce partner, Brightfox, but its’ a good one.

We have all been confronted by an enormous number of tabs across the top of the screen and usually only make use of a couple of these every day. Some admins will have all of the tabs added to the ‘app’ being used by all regardless of whether the individual user needs them.

At profile level this can be customized quickly and easily so your users only see what they need to see but even users can exercise some choice over these tabs themselves.

As Brightfox explain,

Tabs are a great way to find the things you need in your daily work.  But tabs are not always in the order that makes the most sense to you.

Let’s say your job is to create new accounts, maintain them and call them for appointments.  What you need is your Accounts and Contact tab right at the beginning and not at the end. Well, Salesforce allows you to do just that. You can change the order of things just for you, your colleagues will not even notice. So.. how do you perform this trick?

Easy! Look at the end of your tabs bar.  Do you see the little pencil?

Salesforce Tips and Tricks - Pencil tab

Click that little pencil and you will be presented with a list of tabs, that can be re-ordered. Next, you just have to select a tab and drag it to a new place.

Salesforce Tips and Tricks - Arrange Tabs

You can do this for as many tabs as you’d like. Just make sure that you click ‘Save’ in the end and voila, your tabs are re-arranged!

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