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List views are basically the core of your work day.  They are filtered views on the records in an object. You can create list views to help you with segmentation, data cleanup, reporting, quick access to the records you need and much, much more. And it’s really easy!

Let’s say that I want to segment my customers to only show my direct customers. I want to create a list view so this is what I do:

Step 1: Create a List View

  1. Click on the little arrow next to the cog wheel Salesforce Tips and Tricks - Cogwheel
  2. Click New, type in a name for your list view (like My Direct Customers) and click on Save.

Step 2: Set Filter Criteria

Now we start putting in filter criteria. If you don’t see the filters, click on the filter icon (the little funnel under Import).

  1. The first filter we will change is the one by Owner. Click on the box Filter by Owner and change it to All Accounts. This way you make sure you catch all the accounts you want to segment.
Salesforce Tips and Tricks - Add a filter

2. Next we need to add a filter. Ofcourse we now click the Add Filter link. You can add more than one filter to a list. Did you know you can use every field on the record to filter on? Some make more sense than others. You would, for example, not filter on Account name unless you have a a lot of accounts with the same name. In our case we will use the field Type.

3. Next we will choose the operator. The type of operator depends on the type of field. If you have a picklist (like we do) you will have quite a few choices, like equals/not equal to, bigger/smaller than, contains/does not contain, Starts with.., etc. In our case we will just use ‘equals’.

Salesforce Tips and Tricks - Choose operator

4. In the last field we use a value. Again, since we are using a picklist field, the choice is easy. Just click on the arrow of the Value box and choose which ever types you like (tip, you can choose more than one). In our case we will use Customers – Direct. Just select the option and click away. Now you can click Done and Save. As you can see, the total number of results now only shows our Direct Customers.

Step 3: Order fields

1. Click the cog wheel again and select “Select fields to display”

2. Choose fields from the left column and use the arrow between the two columns to move them from the one to the other.

3. In the right column, select a field and use the up or down arrow to rearrange the fields.

Salesforce Tips and Tricks - Displayed fields

Step 4: Optional features

1. If you want to show a graph, click on the pie chart icon Salesforce Tips n Tricks - Graph

2. If you want to change your view in Kanban, click the icon next to the cog wheel. Salesforce Tips n Tricks - Kanban

More on Kanban later in this blog post

Personally, I think list views are one of the coolest features in Salesforce. Did you know that:

  • 90% of users never bother with creating or changing list views?
  • You only need 3 minutes to create a list view?
  • That you can edit multiple records from within your list view?
  • That you can automatically create a graph from a list view?
  • List views help you save time by providing an overview of the records you need?
  • Create a Kanban view that totals the columns?

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